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Major decisions call for major actions

We often have big, important decisions in our life, especially when we’re young (though not limited to that time). For me and many I know, now is a time when big decisions are to be made that will affect the rest of our lives – that goes without saying. The question is, how do we navigate all these options? How do we judge what to do?

I don’t know all the answers (for sure!) but I know a suggestion to get to answers: seek God. Seek God. If God has a plan for our life, and He does, we should to go to Him to find out what it is, and in so doing get to know Him more deeply so you can make the right decision. The Bible has many examples of what God-followers have done to do this – radical actions, like fasting from eating food, praying night and day for help, writing psalms to the Lord, fleeing into the wilderness to pray. Names include Moses, Hannah, David, Elijah, and Jesus Himself.

Don’t you think making an important decision calls for something drastic? Maybe we need to go into the mountains or beach or somewhere and be alone with God for a day, or two days, or longer. Maybe we need to get up earlier, go to bed later, or fast from meals for a while so we can use those spaces of time in prayer and interaction with God’s Scripture.

This is not some legalistic thing, some deed you must do to be a spiritual hero. If you want to be serious about God, be serious about Him! It’s not unusual to do extreme things like be alone with our Creator for days or fasting. First, if you have a relationship with anyone, it’s the most natural thing in the world to spend time with them; second, if you’re thinking of some big decision with another person, like marriage, moving or whatever, it’s appropriate to spend time to talk and think it through together. Same thing with God. If you’re a Christian, He’s with you all the time. It’s fitting to talk through things with Him, besides the reasons that He’s your God, Savior, and the King of your life.  Seeking God isn’t not some checklist on a list of rules to be a good person. It’s just this: How serious will you be with God about serious decisions in your life? How much do you want to get to know the Eternal Lover and Savior of your soul?

Just a rambling thought. 🙂