About me

Welcome to The Untitled. I can never decide on a name for this blog. So “untitled” it will be!

Interests include culture, global policy, history, religious and biblical studies, theology, linguistics, anthropology, literature, science, and philosophy. I’m not an expert on these things – but I have a Postgraduate-Diploma in ancient cultures and almost an MA in classics, so I can speak to ancient stuff with a little more background. I’ve been able to travel a bit, mostly in the Middle East. I was a teacher in Kurdish Iraq for two years after college, then worked on a masters in England. Now I’m in California.

Experts on blogging say to keep a blog focused on one thing – I can’t do that. But if there is one thing, I hope to help people seek truth and consider important questions, especially those of God. As a theologian once said:

Thoughts about God are the most important thoughts you will ever think, because they determine what you will think about everything else.

If this blog can encourage this, it isn’t such a waste of time after all.


One comment

  1. Michael Snow

    Huh. And here I had you pegged as a retired professor who had the time to read and review all these meaty books.
    I got here from your comment about Puritans on Chailles and agree on your wish for the Church.
    If, perchance [I’m dreaming here}, you would have the time to review a simple reflection on the Christmas truce of WWI, I would be glad to send you the pdf of Oh Holy NIght: The Peace of 1914 (96pp., illust.). There are some reviews on amazon.

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