Radmacher on ‘Believing the Promises of God’

Found a great lecture from Dr. Earl Radmacher that I just had to share. I love this guy! He has his oldschool quirks but he’s a great scholar and passionate Christian.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“You know, if we would do away with most of the seminars today on leadership and do a few on followership we wouldn’t need any on leadership.”

“Sanctification is not by works, but through faith in promises of God — which drive me to work when I get hold of the promises; I can do nothing else if my brain is screwed on right at all and if my heart has somehow connected with my brain.”

“What we need in America is for the saved to get saved, and if the saved would get saved we would have far less trouble getting the lost saved. We’ve got the largest spiritual nursery in America that we’ve ever had in history! God help us to get them out of infancy and into the infantry. We need to make soldiers out of them, we need to take seriously disciplisation. We mouth disciplization. . . but I have not run into churches that are really taking it seriously. If we did for little children that we bring into this life by physical birth what we do for those people we bring into this life of spiritual birth they’d put us in prison for the rest of our lives! It’d be called child abuse. But we get by with it because God hasn’t judged us – yet. But He will.”



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