End of 2010

Some years seem to go by fast. Others slow. This is one of the slow ones for me because so much happened in one year. My senior year of college, graduation, scuttling to Thailand for near three months, back to San Diego to switch apartments, finding jobs, enrolling in seminary… alot of action and first-times. It seems like the long nights working on my senior thesis and final papers was a year ago, but it was just this past April and May. I can’t believe Thailand even happened. God taught me so many things over there. The experience was a good preparation for the future.  And spending most of my time in the fall working jobs rather than schoolwork is a new thing this past few months. I’m part-time in school, but it’s still different. Mexico trips, motorbike riding, fried rice, rain, parties, paper-writing, hoe-swinging, English-teaching, test-taking, Thai food, typing, car crash, weddings, joy and pain,  late nights and early mornings… What a crazy year. And I’m not the only one. We live crazy lives don’t we?

Plenty of hard times this year too, but I am very, very blessed. God has been faithful, in keeping with his indelible character. I wish I was more faithful to him! Maybe that can be my resolution for the new year. That would make it sort of the same as last years; and the year before and probably every year since I’ve become dedicated to Christ. So, nothing new. By God’s grace maybe I’ll become just a little more faithful next year than I was last year. That would make me happy.

Here’s to 2010! Farewell


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