It really is nice to meet ya

It’s always a joy to meet authentic people. Notice, I said meet authentic people. I know some, as my friends, but meeting people is often interesting. A lot of times when I meet someone I get an impression that they’re giving me a facade – a fake smile and a wooden “nice to meet you.”

Tonight I met someone who actually did seem meet me as well as glad to talk to me. It’s refreshing to meet people like that. It makes you breathe a little easier and feel a little lighter. Sadly, I can’t say I was the same to him! I was tired from a long day and didn’t feel like smiling, but I forced one. I know, I’m a horrible person. It’s a pity that so often genuine people don’t get the same level of genuineness back.

Jesus was a genuine person to meet. He could talk to anyone at anytime. In the heat of the day at Samaria  (John 4) He was far more tired than I was tonight. But when Jesus met a woman there He was glad to meet her, and speak to the depth of her soul despite her efforts to conceal her true self from Him. It ended in her believing to eternal life and bringing even more people to Jesus.

My prayer is that I would be like Jesus. That the character of Christ would become so much a part of me that even when I’m tired or had a hard day I’d always  be ready to give a genuine greeting to someone. The process of growth in this area has already started, but it sure is slow!


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