Will Cape Town 2010 stay on task?

As any of you who keep up with Christianity’s news would know, right now the Cape Town 2010 Third Lausanne World Congress on World Evangelization is going on right now. I came across this thought-provoking blog post by J.D. Payne voicing his concern that they are displacing evangelism for physical humanitarian issues: “Cape Town 2010 – Will Be Known For…”

We need to pray that the leaders of this conference stay on task with the commission Jesus gave to us to preach the gospel and make disciples. Humanitarian aide is vital too, something too many have overlooked and still overlook in the church today.

But I hope we don’t overcorrect – that would be disasterous! To give a man bread to satisfy his hunger for a day but not give him Christ, the Bread of Life that came out of heaven to satisfy his soul’s hunger for eternity if he believes in Him (John 6.35)? He needs both. Let’s give him both.

As Ajith Fernando said of the conference, it needs

… a strong cry for commitment to and passion for evangelism, while at the same time challenging the church to engage in meeting some of the other challenges the human race faces. The horror of lostness of people apart from Christ is as serious now as it was before, and it is the greatest human need.”


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