Thailand update IV

Time for another update from Thailand – basically, things are starting to wind down. Brittani and Hannah left for America on the 18th the last interns to go besides me.

I’ve just finished my third week of the CELTA course. Class time runs from 11:30am to 8pm. For homework every week we have to write a 1,000 word or so paper, write lesson plans and prepare to teach two practice English classes. It is difficult but I’m enjoying it. The Thais who come to be taught by us every night are a lot of fun. So are my fellow student-teachers; there are twelve of us –  11 men and 1 woman! But there’s a good mix of nationalities  – 1 Canadian, 1 Syrian, 1 Syrilankan, 3 British, and 6 Americans including me. Both the professors of the course are from the UK originally but have traveled widely and live in Thailand for now. I love seeing the different personalities and backgrounds come together with this group.

Comparatively, I have the least teaching experience in the whole class. Some people taking the course have been teaching for over six years. But I have so much gratitude to God for the course. I’m learning very valuable material on how to teach English effectively so students actually learn and enjoy the process. I also think it is helping me become better at teaching in general, skills I can transfer to teaching the Bible.

On the downside, all day yesterday and today I have had a bad headache, enough to make it hard to function. But God has unbelievably sustained me. It’s a joy to be in pain yet see God’s goodness through it all.

This weekend (besides homework) I will go to church, hang out Cynthia Edwards (who let the interns stay at her house) and with some people who just came to Chiang Mai from India, and visit the OMF missionary office.

 Keep my health in prayer if you could. Also pray for those around me who need Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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