Thailand update

Hey everybody! As you may know, I am in Thailand, partcipating in a short-term trip first for 16 days in a group of villages, then staying on for an internship and ESL school.

The Thailand team came out of the hilltribes region safely and we are now in Chiang Mai. The work projects, outreach, and relationship-building with the  villagers went extremely well. The villagers really did most of the work, since there were only 8 on the American team, but the team gave their all and represented Christ well. 

We trenched for 2” pipe for several miles and finished the water project, finished a fish pond (for income generation for the school), helped with building the sheltered eating area/kitchen for the village school, helped dig a micro reservoir for the agriculture project. The outreach on the opening day of the school went well with a drama and evangelistic message from Dan and a local pastor. Hannah and some other girls on the team led VBS or “Village Bible School” for several days at the school also. We also had very, very good relationships with the villagers over our stay – even some of them were crying when we left. God is very good. Thank you for your prayers.
Some of the team will leave back to the US today, but me and four others are staying on for internships: Dan Lam and Adrienne Graham until June 10, Hannah Lettau and Britanni Herndon until July 18, and myself until August 1. I will be leaving for another region in northern Thailand today until June 8th. Keep us in your prayers:
For the next month I will be working with ITDP and hoping to interview or serve other organizations and missionaries. I applied to an ESL school here in Chiang Mai, but the module I applied for (July 5-30) only has between 1 and 3 spots left. Next is a 30-45 minute interview. Please keep that in prayer as well as transportation and living arrangements. But most of all that I advance in the grace and knowledge of God and effectively serve while I am here.

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  1. amy mathews

    dude! i have no doubt that you will serve effectively. I will keep you in my prayers. you keep bloggin and keep me updated. take care

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