No Condemnation

This great quote from Dr. Michael Eaton, a British pastor and scholar in Kenya, is worth sharing:

Surely the New Testament balance is one of absolute freedom, an assurance that one will “never thirst again,” a knowledge that “nothing in all creation is able to separate us from the love of God in Christ.” Yet from this basis of radical assurance spring profound challenges, the challenge to accept responsibility, the challenge to work out one’s salvation, the challenge to lay up treasure in heaven, the knowledge that there is something to be “laid hold of,” rewards to be won. Yet all along the way there is no need to fear that I am working for my eternal salvation…What paradoxes! Amazing grace and profound challenge; incredible assurance yet awe-inspiring responsibility; freedom to be myself yet the knowledge that Jesus achieves all in me. Here is a theology that motivates but does not discourage—a theology of encouragement. But is not this the gospel? I believe it is (p. 221 in No Condemnation: A New Theology of Assurance).


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