I just want my childhood back

Today I was walking past a door in upper center and saw a poster of a bearded, scruffy homeless man holding up a cardboard sign. (The poster may not have been intended to mean what I am about to say; maybe it comes from talking to broken-hearted homeless people a lot). His sign read, “I just want my childhood back.” It made me stop and stare at it, almost to tears. That is so sad. I’ve heard somewhere this quote: “There is nothing so sad in this world as innocence lost.” Childhood represents all that is pure, humble, trusting, secure, joyful, blissful – before cold, hard reality sets in, when mistakes are made, which lead to bigger mistakes, getting tossed around so much that bearings are lost – then purity becomes impurity, humility becomes pride, trust becomes doubt and distrust, security becomes insecurity, joy becomes sorrow, bliss becomes worry.
This innocence of Adam and Eve was lost at Eden when they disobeyed God. It has been lost ever since. God came in Jesus to set this right. He went to die on a cross to pay the deathly penalty for that lost innocence. We can have it all back, if we believe in Him.


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